Becoming a Freelancing PA
  • We present you with a unique value proposition without the hassle of setting up your own marketing and infrastructure.
  • The convenience of working virtually and remotely from the luxury of your own home office.
  • It provides you with flexibility to do your own daily tasks without compromising on your income.
  • It will provide you with a substituted income and you will reap the rewards for the effort you put into this programme?
  • It requires minimal overheads and minimal financial investment to start your own business from home.
  • You can build your own network and be promoted into the different ambassador levels earning rewards.
There is a selection procedure which you need to pass to become an Ask my PA ambassador.

The minimum requirements to become an ambassador includes:
  • Over the age of 18 years.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a personal assistant or administrative experience.
  • Own vehicle with valid driver’s licence.
  • Own mobile cellular device to receive and make phone calls.
  • Access to Internet connectivity.
  • Advanced experience in Microsoft office suite for Word, Outlet, Excel and Outlook.
  • Complete application form online, submit CV and qualifications.
  • Screening process will follow whereby you will be invited to an interview.
  • Face to face interview or remotely via Skype for outer-lying or international applicants.
  • Buddy up with executive assistants already on-board in the programme for a minimum of at least one week before commencing with tasks.
  • All tasks need to be reported for verification according to the claim procedure before payment will commence.
  • No payments will occur if the membership fees have not been paid.  It is therefore required that our ambassadors, whilst servicing their customers, ensure that their accounts are paid prior to commencement of new tasks or it could result in no payment of ambassador commission.
  • Once off tasks without membership applications will only be paid at the agreed hourly rate and members will be charged accordingly.
There are 3 Assistant levels within the programme.  Rate per hour based on the number of Members introduced to the programme.  Thus you can promote yourself depending on the output and contribution to grow our membership base.

Once off incentive payable to all levels of assistants on successful registration of members.  Members will be ring fenced to the assistant that acquired the member.  However tasks may be distributed to other assistants depending on the area in which the tasks are requested so as to monitor expenses.

Assistant Levels:

Level 1 is regarded as a Junior Assistant irrespective of experience
  • These are our new entry level assistants.
  • 0 Base of members and need to grow this to a minimum of 30 members to advance to level 2.
  • Rewards for our Junior Ambassadors are as follows:
  • R80 per hour task completed and verified in accordance to our claims procedure, payable weekly.
  • Minimum of 90% compliance on member surveys conducted on service delivery.
  • All travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed and will be substantiated in our claims procedures.
  • Own data and mobile cellular usage is for own account.
Level 2 is regarded as Senior Assistants
  • Once you have signed up 31 members which has been introduced under your Ask my PA code you advance to Senior level.
  • Rewards for our senior level ambassadors includes the following:
  • R130 per hour for tasks completed and verified in accordance to the claims procedure, payable weekly.
  • 95% compliance to all surveys conducted with members on service delivery.
  • Own data and mobile cellular usage is for own account.
Level 3 is regarded Executive Assistants
  • Once you have reached your goal of 51 members you are promoted to an Executive Assistant level.
  • Rewards for our senior level ambassadors include the following:
  • R200 per hour for tasks completed and verified in accordance to the claims procedure, payable weekly.
  • Monthly annuity income from 100+ members serviced under your ambassador code subject to membership fees being paid by members payable on a monthly basis in arrears.
  • 99% compliance to all surveys conducted with members on service delivery.
  • All travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed and will be substantiated in our claims procedures.
  • R500 reimbursement on cellular expenses monthly in accordance to claim procedure.
  • Executive Assistants may also recruit junior assistants to link to their member base subject to approval of such applicants.  These junior assistants will be the Executive Assistants' responsibility as far as adherence to service levels, task completion and remuneration is concerned.  The company will not solicit these representatives but will reserve the right to apply penalties to the Executive Assistants for non-adherence to the basic terms and conditions refered to in the application.
  • Executive Assistants may cede their member base to these junior assistants only upon approval of The Company should they resign from the programme.
The Ask my PA network and brands can be severely damaged if our assistants do not comply with the minimum service levels required by our members which is a commitment or pledge we make including:
  • Response to allocated tasks and or email requests within 2 hours from member logging requests.
  • Be available on mobile phones daily, return missed phone calls or messages on the same day.
  • Communication with members are key and you will be requested to ensure members are informed and updated on all tasks timeously.
  • Endeavour to complete tasks utilising authorised suppliers or should tasks require further sourcing of suppliers this should be done within a 48 hour period.
  • Any task that involve research to complete that exceeds the minimum time frame will be limited to two hours only.
  • The assistants need to ensure all member information is accurate and updated upon completion of tasks prior to sign off.
Non-compliance to the Ask my PA service levels and failure to meet the minimum required levels on surveys conducted post completion may result in penalties that may include:
  • Non-payment on task should we reach an amicable agreement to resolve the disputes and/or
  • Removal of member from the assistants ambassador code resulting in loss of annuity.
  • Terminating the assistant from the programme depending on severity, within 48 hour notice.
Note that a membership is only recorded once the registration forms are complete and the membership fees are paid in advance.  Ad Hoc tasks charged once off is not regarded a membership which means assistants will not advance to the next level, however the hourly rate per task will be payable once off.
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