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With a wide variety of services we have available to offer to you, whether it be business, personal or maintenance, Ask My P.A. has what you need.

Business Services

Is your P.A. on leave and you need a helping hand in the office? Don’t have enough time to get all your work done? Do you need letters or documents drafted and printed? Need to plan and arrange your next company event? Ask My P.A. offers business skilled professionals to help you get your work done.

Personal Services

Is your car due for a service? Grocery shopping’s not done yet? Don’t have the time to plan and arrange your next family vacation? Can’t get off work for the handyman to fix your leaking water pipe? Don't have time to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners? Take a look at our personal services we offer.

Maintenance Services

Don’t have time to cut the grass or to do your own gardening? Your electrical gate stopped working or requires maintenance? Need your swimming pool looked after and maintained for the ultra-blue look and feel? We have all your handyman requirements and needs at your service.

About Us

Who We Are

Ask My P.A. was born after many executives, business people and parents wished for additional hours in a day to be able to manage their businesses or personal lives. Some of us get so busy on a day to day basis that we don't always get the time to do things or manage to keep relationships with friends and family in tact. Ask My P.A. makes managing your personal life and your business so much easier.

Ask My P.A. is all about the personal experience in mind.

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Assisting you with all your business or personal needs. We are also open to custom services.

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Email: bronwyn@askmypa.co.za
Cell: (+27) 82 802 2868

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