Terms & Conditions
  • Memberships require a once off registration payment of R1000.
  • Membership fees are payable one month in advance.
  • We require 30 days notice to terminate the membership.
  • The rate at which tasks are billed will depend on the complexity of the task aligned to the right skill level of the assistant selected for perform such task(s).  The rates per hour will be tiered in three levels.
  • Membership fees includes maximum of two hour and/or five tasks monthly.  Additional rates may apply for task that are expected to be performed after normal working hours or over weekends and public holidays.
  • Additional tasks within the two hour threshold will result in a flat rate payable by the member to the value of R50 plus the hourly rate and expense to complete the task.
  • Assistant Rate Cards:
  • Junior Assistant – R150 per hour – Monthly membership fee R300.
  • Senior Assistant – R200 per hour – Monthly membership fee R400.
  • Executive Assistant – R280 per hour – Monthly membership fee R500.
  • Membership include 15 km travel monthly any traveling outside of this will be billed per task based on the AA approved rates per kilometer.
  • Task that require research will be charged at an agreed rate per hour depending on the complexity of the task, however executing the task post acceptance of the quotes may result in further hours being billed outside of the membership bundle.
  • Any expenses incurred outside of membership fees will be payable in advance, non-payment of such funds could result in delay in acting on requests.  Members that should select to pay a retainer may discuss options with their assistants.
  • Members are not allowed to solicit any of the Ask My PA assistants assigned to deal with their required tasks.  This could lead to the termination of these assistants priviledges in the programme and a loss of remuneration.
  • Ask My PA will endeavor to assign task to the closes available assistants for completion, this means that you may not get the same assistance acting on all tasks.
  • Members are encouraged to use the mobile application to log all tasks to ensure accurate measuring of service levels.
  • Upon completion of tasks Members will be expected to rate the assistants, these ratings are of utmost importance and should rating be below average Ask My PA reserve the right to penalize the assistants, we therefore require such ratings to be fair and just to the assistants.
  • Members that abuse their privileges during the use of the service may be given immediate notice, this is not limited but could include acting in a unprofessional or inappropriate manner towards our assistants.
  • Ask My PA will screen all assistants prior to them participating in the programme as well as authorize suppliers that are used in the execution of tasks. Suppliers who are not listed at the time of executing the task will be screened and on-boarded subject to meeting the minimum criteria.
  • Ask My PA will not act on tasks submitted should the account be in arrears, failure to make payment monthly may result in interest being raised on the outstanding amount.
  • All information submitted by members are securely stored and Ask My PA has taken special care in selecting a supplier that will ensure no personal information is compromised.
  • Ask My PA may rely on suppliers in the execution of tasks, once a quotation is accepted by the member, we will carry no liability or risks associated to the services rendered or products provided by such supplier.  Task that are not fulfilled according to standards need to be reported and may result in termination of supplier agreements pending investigation and subject to finding an amicable solution to resolve any disputes that might arise.
  • Ask My PA ensures utmost confidentiality in sharing information about our members as this information will only be used for the purposes of fulfilling the required services requested, no information will be shared with 3rd parties, information will be limited to the assistants, back office staff as well as authorized suppliers subject to the member approval of quotes upfront.
Freelancing PA
This application is not an employment contract but a contract to duly authorise the applicant as an authorised representative of the ask my pa ambassador programme.

Upon approval of this application the following general conditions are binding:
  • The personal assistant will act as an ambassador to the Ask My PA brand.
  • You will be expected to maintain the agreed service levels and will be measured post each fulfilled task, average ratings by our members which are below standard may result in the termination of this agreement.
  • You may not accept any offers of employment by members this will qualify as solicitation and will result in legal action being taken against the applicant as well as the member who offered the employment.
  • The representative may not trade within the same services for at least period of 12 months post termination of this agreement.
  • Representatives should strive to act on all tasks within no more than 48 hours.
  • Task that involves research may exceed such timeframes and would be billed at a flat rate which will not exceed more than two hours.
  • Tasks that are not accepted to completed within the required timeframes will be re-assigned to an alternative representative at the company’s discretion.
  • No marketing material using the ask my pa corporate identify may be used unless authorised prior to the release to market.
  • Representatives will be required to make use of authorised suppliers only to ensure service levels are maintained.  Any introduction of frequently used suppliers need to follow a set procedure, and only upon acceptance of terms between parties and them becoming an authorised supplier on the programme will we honour claims.
  • All claims must be submitted by the 15th of the month for verification and payment by or before the last working day of the preceding month.
  • Travel claims will be reimbursed at published aa rates.
  • All invoices need to be attached to claims, if invoices are not obtained the claims may be denied.
  • Representatives will be responsible for their own annual tax declaration and submissions.  They will be required to keep their own logbook pertaining to traveling.
  • The company takes not responsibility for loss or damages incurred by the representatives and they are expected to obtain their own personal insurance i.e. The company will not be liable for injury or third party claims in the event of an accident during the performance of tasks.
  • The following items are considered a material breach of this agreement which may result in the termination of all privileges to act on behalf of the company:
  • Task that are assigned from time to time need to be accepted.  Should more than two consecutive tasks be rejected by the applicant unless reported that they are not available to perform their duties i.e. Due to illness or taking leave of absence from the programme, my constitute a breach of this agreement which may result in termination of services.
  • Service level rating by member being below the required rating.
  • Task that are not completed within agreed timeframes to members, average completion not to exceed 48 hours unless justified by member’s requirements.
  • Acting in a manner which brings the Ask My PA brand in disrepute.
  • False or inaccurate claim for completed tasks requested such as incorrect mileage for travel reimbursement.
  • The parties no longer being able to deliver the services resulting in the termination of the services.
  • Representatives may select to resign from the programme on condition that they provide 30 day notice.
  • Termination based on a material breach will have the following consequences:
  • Services will be terminated within 24 hours of written confirmation to the representative or company.
  • All access to systems will be revoked with immediate effect post notification.
  • All outstanding tasks may be re-assigned at the company’s discretion.
  • All outstanding claims on completed tasks will be claimed within no more than 2 working days post notice, failure to claim will result in the repetitive forfeiting these outstanding claims.
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